Anita Herbert

Anita Herbert

Essential Oil Educator

Anita is the founder of Project Essential.

Project Essential is an essential oils company, selling and educating people about the use of essential oils for health and wellness.

Anita sells dōTERRA essential oils which are 100% plant based and produced to the very high standard of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (C.P.T.G). All the dōTERRA products are available to buy at wholesale prices (25% less than retail price).



Tel: 079 8543 8653

Instagram: @projectessential

Anita teaches free classes in small groups, one to one or online. In class you will learn how essential oils can help with issues from stress, anxiety and insomnia to boosting your immune system, basic first aid and even green cleaning tips.

Anita was an NHS nurse for over 20 years so has always had a keen interest in health and wellness. After finding dōTERRA essential oils for her own personal use, she realised she had to share her experience and knowledge with others. “I couldn’t believe the effect of these beautiful oils on mine and my family’s physical and emotional health. We have been given the tools to avoid over the counter medication and to find balance in our everyday lives.” Says Anita.

Anita also collaborates with other professionals, delivering essential oil classes as part of a health and wellness day or retreat.

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