Do you have a passion for boardgames?


Katie started Games Explorers because of her love to play and to share her passion and enthusiasm for tabletop and boardgames. Katie discovered that she enjoyed teaching and demonstrating games as much as she did playing them, so Games Explorers was born in April of this year.

Katie currently has over 150 games in stock, and this is ever expanding!


Katie holds monthly boardgame events at the following venues-
‘On Broadway Studio’, 86 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.

Upcoming dates for 2019 are-

8th February

22nd March

12th April

10th May

14th June

12th July

9th August

20th September

11th October

8th November

13th December


More venues and dates coming soon…

For more information and to book tickets visit:


Katie Bain

Katie Bain

Games Explorers

Katie Bain is the Founder of Games Explorers.


Email: katie.bain

Instagram: @games.explorers