Lorraine Dixon

Lorraine Dixon


Lorraine is the founder of Open Narrative, an independent book publisher and distributor located in Sheffield.

In 2017 she created and published Being Me, a five-year diary which offers a revolutionary approach to self-discovery and promotion of positive change.

Lorraine is an adult education specialist and coach. Writing is one of her many passions and she is currently working on her first novel.

She also runs a small Italian coffee shop and eatery with her husband. She’s a busy lady, but not too busy to spend time looking after her rescue hens, dog and two cats.

Website: www.opennarrative.co.uk

Email: lorraine@opennarrative.co.uk

Instagram: @beingmediary

Tel: 0774 2222 614

Open Narrative, 85 Richards Road, Sheffield, S2 3DU.

Being Me isn’t the type of diary where you record your appointments, tasks and meetings but a space to record thoughts, feelings and emotions, the things about you that really matter.

Keeping a five-year diary is a special way of capturing moments of your life in one place so you can see over time how you change. It is a habit that can have a positive effect on other areas of your life too.

Keeping a diary or journal can help to –

  • lower anxiety
  • clear your mind
  • organise thoughts and feelings
  • gain insights into your way of thinking
  • have a better understanding of who you are.

If you don’t already journal, ‘Being Me’ is an easy way to develop the habit with just a little thought and a short sentence or two each day.


To get your copy of Being Me Diary go to Bit.ly/BeingMeDiary

Alternatively, you can pick up a copy at:

Urban-Ita, 288 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1FL

Randle & Randle, 611 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield, S11 8PT

Italia-Uno, 955 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield, S11 8TN

Rude Shipyard, 89 Abbeydale Rd, Sheffield, S7 1FE